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Our baked goods are available fresh daily. Listed below are standard items offered. Other items may not be listed but will be available at checkout. See the display cases at pick up or inquire with staff.

Please note: we often sell out of goods as we make small batches and only have limited quantities. 

         Pastry                   Cookies                  Desserts

Meat & Cheese Pastry

Bear Paw

Cinnamon Twist

Maple Bacon Bar

Fruit & Cream


Coffee Cake

Morning Glory Muffin

Banana Walnut Bread

GF Banana Walnut Muffin

Caramel pecan rolls*

(*Only available Sat-Sun)

Pecan Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate

Triple Ginger

Coconut Cherry

Almond Butter


 GF Coconut Macaroon

Pumpkin with Browned Butter*


Varies - Inquire with staff

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